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Canal de Castilla

International orienteering trophy


We organize our first IOF’s World Ranking Event!

Hello! we are the ORCA orienteering club. One of the Spanish League races that we organize on March 2015 is also included in the International Orienteering Federation’s World Ranking Series.

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Alar del Rey

Enjoy Palencia (SPAIN) through the orienteering sport. Long distance at Becerril del Carpio. Middle distance at Peña Colorada.

21st and 22nd March 2015

IV Spanish League. Long distance on Saturday 21st. Medium distance on Sunday 22nd. Trainings from the 20th, anti-official race, and more!

World ranking event

The long distance race is the one included in the world ranking series. Both races will be run on new maps.


Long Distance (WRE). Becerril del Carpio.

New map made by Portuguese mappers and revised by ORCA club at the end of 2014.

This forest has adult pine and reforestation pine with terraces and other areas of oak with different penetrability. There are open fields, as well as crops sometimes bordered with impenetrable vegetation.

There are also rocky areas with cliffs of different heights, and a variety of land forms.

Climb is moderate/hard in some parts and there are some paths or tracks and power lines that may be used as a reference.

There are croplands planted that we have decided to ban crossing them and others croplands that may be crossed (mainly because they haven’t been planted yet), so we ask, firstly, maximum respect for the work of others and secondly, fair play between runners. There will be some areas enabled to cross marked on the map.

Also, although it only affects a few courses (the highest classes), there is an electric fence. Despite it is no big obstacle, you can trip if you do not see it (this element is not depicted on the map).

Besides truly insuperable cliffs, where you must be extremely careful, there are areas where we will ask caution as there are pine processionary ‘bags’ at low height that you may collide with when passing. They can be urticating.

First start at 9:30 in the morning.

Scale: 1/15000 (H-Elite, D-Elite, H18A, H20A, H21A, H35A, H40, D18A, D20A, D21A, D35A) and 1/10000.

Contours: 5m.

Competition centre

The competition centre and parking area will be at Becerril del Carpio’s service station “Puerta de la Montaña” where you will find an information point, a nursery service, toilets, bar and restaurant.

Access from the competition centre to the start is about 10 minutes walk and the to the goal about three minutes. Both are on the other side of an old national road, so we ask caution when crossing the road. In order to avoid any danger the organization will set a controlled area to cross the road so, please, use it.

The way from the competition centre to the start area is marked with several pieces of tape and it goes through a path parallel to the road. There is no need to walk on the roadside.


Open amarillo, W12, M12 2300m. 70m.
W14 2900m. 120m.
Open naranaja, M14 3700m. 150m.
Open rojo, W16, W18-20B, W21B 4300m. 200m.
M16 5300m. 210m.
W18A, W21A 5500m. 250m.
M18-20B 5900m. 270m.
M21B 5900m. 280m.
W20A, M18A, M45 6700m. 320m.
M21A 7400m. 360m.
W35A, M50 5400m. 180m.
W40, M55 4700m. 180m.
M35B 5600m. 250m.
W45, M60 4100m. 130m.
W35B, W50 3500m. 130m.
W elite, M40 8100m. 350m.
M35A, M20A 9000m. 320m.
M elite 11800m. 500m.
W60, W65 2900m. 80m.
W55, M65 3000m. 120m.

Middle Distance. Peña Colorada.

With moderate/hard climb, it is a map with oaks and pines of different penetrability. Runnability is sometimes limited (pinewood area) by reforestation terraces over 1.5 meters high (this terraces are marked with a brown dotted-line). There are very fast and open areas, tough.

The richness of rock details and valleys in the map, added to the thick vegetation, can seriously challenge the runner.

The competition area is fenced and has a livestock farming use, in fact, several categories will have to cross a fence over 1,20m in their routes. To facilitate the pass to anyone who wants to use them, we have enabled passing points in the fences enlarging the gap with tape. If you choose not to use this points, respect the fence and avoid shouting at the livestock. Anyway the cows usually are not in the competition area.

The black ‘X’ on the map correspond to light post that have been cut (1m. height approx.).

First start at 9:30 in the morning.

Scale: 1/10000.

Contours: 5m.

Competition centre

The parking area will be in Villela. The start and the goal are a bit away from the parking area. The start is approximately 5 minutes walk to a pre-start (-13min) and the goal is approximately 1 km from the parking area.

The prize-giving ceremony will be at Alar del Rey (about 13:45), which is the event centre, not only for being the largest city of the three where we will be, but because it has many services for participants.

As in Saturday’s race, there will be a nursery service for children while their parents compete. Please use responsibly.


Open amarillo, W12, M12 1700m. 10m.
W14 2400m. 30m.
Open naranaja, M14 2600m. 60m.
Open rojo, W16, W18-20B, W21B 2800m. 50m.
M16 4100m. 130m.
W18A, W21A 3500m. 100m.
M18-20B 3700m. 150m.
M21B 3800m. 140m.
M18A, M45 4200m. 140m.
M21A 5300m. 190m.
W35A, M50 3500m. 100m.
W40, M55 3800m. 120m.
M35B 3700m. 120m.
W45, M60 3000m. 100m.
W35B, W50 2300m. 40m.
W20A, W elite, M40 4400m. 150m.
M35A 4700m. 170m.
M20A, M elite 6100m. 240m.
W60, W65 2000m. 50m.
W55, M65 2300m. 40m.

Competition areas


Bulletin 0

December 2014.
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February 2015.
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March 2015.
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Bulletin 3

March 2015.
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Deadline for entries will be 10th March 2015 at 23.59h. From that date entries will cost 2,5€ more per day until the
final deadline, 13th March 2015.

Do you have 2015 FEDO/FPO license?


Entries of competitors with 2015 FEDO/FPO license will be done through FEDO’s SICO system.



The rest of competitors will have to complete this form on


Are you an elite class competitor?


If you are an elite class runner, you also must enter through IOF’s Eventor system.



OK! basically ,you only need to pay and send us a proof of payment by email.

One more thing

If you also want to do some of the trainings that we offer ( + info ) you will have to complete a form on

O-Festival 16 días del Pisuerga


With 2015 FEDO/FPO license

  • 5+2,5€/day · Open, M/W20 and below.
  • 9+2,5€/day · M/W21 and over.

Without 2015 FEDO/FPO license

  • 7+2,5€/day · M/W 12, 14, 16 and Open.
  • 11+2,5€/day · M/W 18 and 20.
  • 15+2,5€/day · M/W21 and over.

Trainings and others

  • 2€/day · Trainings.
  • 2€ · Antiofficial > Yes, I do!
  • 2€ · Hard floor
  • 4€ · Sportident rent

Account: Club de Orientación Río Carrión (ORCA)
IBAN: ES78 0182 0497 0402 01553798

One time you have provided us your details, registration will be completed after doing the corresponding payment and after sending us the proof to:

Elite class

To check easier your ‘id IOF’. Long distance (larga) and Middle distance (corta).

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Start list by club. Long distance (larga) and middle distance (media).

Spanish National League (WRE). Long Distance.

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Spanish National League. Middle Distance.

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  1. Alvaro, Irai, Ivan, Jorge, Paski, Ianco
  2. Rodrigo, Diego, Guadalupe, Ferrán